The success of a website is generally associated with its content and with often high-priced promotional initiatives via many different channels. Although what you have and how you promote it could have a direct effect on how popular your site is, there're several more things you will be able to do regarding the user experience that may also help you get more traffic. We have included several helpful software tools in the Hepsia internet hosting Control Panel which you could use in order to boost the popularity of your sites by focusing on different target groups, raising the website ranking in search engines like google, etc. The tools have a very easy-to-use interface, so you will be able to take advantage of them without any hassle even in case you lack previous experience.
Marketing Tools in Cloud Website Hosting
As all tools are a part of the Hepsia Control Panel, you will be able to use them with any of the cloud website hosting packages that we offer. The sitemap generator, for instance, will enable you to create a detailed sitemap of your site and pick how many links have to be included as well as what content has to be indexed. Having a sitemap is important not just for your site visitors, but also for search engines because they can index your content better, thus the site is much more likely to achieve greater rankings. The user experience is also very important and with the help of our GeoIP feature you can redirect visitors to various pages depending on the part of the world they are from. This will surely make your site more popular within these regions. You can also submit news and updates from your site through the RSS feed tool, so your website visitors can stay up-to-date with products, campaigns, etcetera.
Marketing Tools in Semi-dedicated Servers
Since all semi-dedicated server packages which we provide feature Hepsia, you can take full advantage of all the instruments that we've integrated in this Control Panel. Using the sitemap generator, you will be able to generate a sitemap that will include any kind of content that you pick. You can also choose what number of links needs to be indexed and how many levels down the web pages they should go. The sitemap will help both your website visitors and search engines to find any kind of content on your Internet site easier. In addition, search engines will index all the updates that you make a lot quicker, so having a sitemap can boost the ranking of your Internet site. We also supply a GeoIP option and an RSS feed tool that can contribute to a better user experience. The former permits you to redirect visitors to localized pages, which will make your site more popular in various countries, while the latter permits you to publish news and updates that subscribers can see on their computer system or phone.
Marketing Tools in Dedicated Servers
You will be able to use our software instruments with all dedicated server packages that we offer because Hepsia is among the options for the website hosting Control Panel that you can find on the registration page. The easy-to-use sitemap generator is the one that will affect the performance of your Internet sites the most since it will enable you to make an XML sitemap - the format that is preferred by search engines. This way, your website visitors will find content on your Internet site without difficulty and search engines will give preference to your site in the results they display since they will be able to index the site content better, including updates. Hepsia also includes a GeoIP redirection software tool, so you can have various landing pages for site visitors from different parts of the world, that will make your Internet sites very popular among regional communities. Last, but not least, you can post various news about your site through the RSS feed instrument and anybody who subscribes for this option on your Internet site will be able to read them on their phone or PC.