The cPanel Control Panel seemed to be the indisputable frontrunner among hosting administration user interfaces a few years ago. Once cloud website hosting shot to popularity, the cPanel system failed to fit into the new standards and meet the demands of the developing web hosting market any longer.

The HOFFMAN INTERNET Control Panel has been made to work on a cloud hosting hosting platform and can easily be scaled any time a brand–new functionality is designed. It’s really a one–stop website management solution for controlling your Internet presence including your web addresses, websites, invoicing together with your tech support tickets.

1. Domain name/invoicing/website tools

The HOFFMAN INTERNET Control Panel will allow you to comfortably command your domain names, e–mail messages and sites with a mouse click. In this manner, you are able to handle every aspect of your online presence from a single location.

Using the cPanel Control Panel, you need to log in 2 separate Control Panel interfaces – a billing panel from which you handle domains and billing and the cPanel Control Panel from where you deal with your websites.

2. File Structure

With the HOFFMAN INTERNET Control Panel, your domains and subdomains are going to be free from each other. Each individual site can have its own folder isolated from the rest inside the main folder of your account. You can easily change from focusing on one site to maintaining another.

With the cPanel Control Panel, you’ve a single web hosting account for your primary website and in case you intend to get other sites in the same web hosting account, they’re going to be incorporated as sub–folders of your main web site. This will make handling numerous sites truly complicated.

3. File Manager

The HOFFMAN INTERNET Control Panel features a simple–to–use File Manager, which lets you upload data files just by dragging them in your browser. You will get quick access to all features by means of convenient right–click context menus. You can also apply program code and WYSIWYG editors. All capabilities are simple to apply.

The File Manager of cPanel is slow and restricted in characteristics. Submitting multiple data files needs loads of time and does not include drag & drop support. The inbuilt archive/unzip tool is not reliable and the file managing instruments provide you with just basic controls. There is no easy access to the included file managing features.

4. No–cost Bonuses

With the HOFFMAN INTERNET Control Panel, you will have a great deal of no–cost benefits put together by us. They come totally free with each cloud hosting solution, which works with our Control Panel. With each plan, you can employ tools such as the Quick Website Installer, the Web App Installer, the PHP 1 Click Framework Installer, the Complimentary Site Building Instrument, a set of Advanced Instruments, and even more.

Each individual web hosting company offering cPanel decides on its very own exactly what no–cost gifts to include in your website hosting plan. And also, since cPanel is a paid Control Panel, the 100–percent–free bonus tools must also be covered by the hosting company. This will inevitably add to the price of your hosting plan, so the totally free gifts listed in your service will actually be fee based.

5. Control Panel Tool Rates of Performance

We’ve designed the Control Panel to run smoothly on our equipment solely. This makes it quicker than similar website management interfaces. We have also tweaked it to

make use of the full capacity of your connection to the Internet – the quicker your Internet connection is, the quicker our Control Panel interface will be working.

cPane is designed to be working on a wide array of web servers employing many different equipment set–ups. This means that, it isn’t 100% geared up to work on a specific system, which may have negative result on performance rates and security. Moreover, It could be even slower at times of massive server load.

6. Multi–domain Control

The HOFFMAN INTERNET Control Panel gives you a unique option to manage many different domains and web sites from one handy interface. Domain name management is seamless and transitioning to site operations means you only need to go on to another part of the Control Panel solution.

The cPanel Control Panel helps keep things separated – you have to maintain your domains from one web address and your web sites from another. Each web site possesses its own Control Panel. Handling numerous web sites within one Control Panel is also possible, but could also be rather puzzling simply because all additional domain names will be saved in the folder of the primary domain.

7. Control Panel Menu

With the HOFFMAN INTERNET Control Panel, you will be shown the most up–to–date statistics for your websites and with handy access icons to the most important sections. Additionally, you can easily navigate within the Control Panel, due to HOFFMAN INTERNET’s top navigation bar, which features links to all presented sections.

The cPanel Control Panel lists all offered icons on the home page, so that it is not customized to your own necessities. Furthermore, right after you enter a menu, you are not able to immediately switch to a different one and need to to go back to the homepage instead. This sort of navigation could be extremely irritating for you, especially if you implement lots of sections every time you update your websites.

8. Test Control Panel Accounts

The HOFFMAN INTERNET Control Panel boasts a full demo that showcases virtually every menu and function it has. You could start creating a web–site, add apps, create email accounts, and so on. This way, you can obtain a far more complete perception of its interface and capabilities prior to signing up.

The cPanel Control Panel demo is basically a screenshot of what’s within the main menu. Almost every capability that is shown included there is disabled. Thus, when you sign up, you’ll have no clue how the included tools and characteristics of the Control Panel in reality perform.

With the HOFFMAN INTERNET Control Panel, handling your websites will be simple and enjoyable. Simply take a quick look at HOFFMAN INTERNET’s Web Control Panel demo and investigate the offered parameters and capabilities to find out on your own.

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